Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome Garlic Lovers

About 10 years ago our creative genius took smoked garlic, an herb ingredient popular in England, to local Southern California Farmer’s Markets. Within a very short time the demand for this now popular ingredient started a local epicurean phenomenon.

One taste and you were hooked on its smoky, nutty flavor... Those who tried it often exclaimed "Smokin' Garlic" – we can't get enough!

To the delight of all our garlic loving friends our creative genius went back to the kitchen and whipped up Smoked Garlic Jelly.

In 2006 a little TV show called Food Finds featured Smoked Garlic and Smoked Salt on Food Network launching this savory product line to the nation.

Our mistress of creation has not finished her quest for tapping the untasted heights that smoked garlic may yet reach and in 2007 fashioned three new savory Smoked Garlic Glazes headlining Chipotle, Ginger and Herb.

Order one of these specialty herb products, today, and join us on a gastronomic journey… eventually every gourmet enthusiast will have fallen under its spell.